Superduper easy going - Zucchini Pasta

Manchmal darf es einfach simpel sein - und trotzdem so lecker!

That is all this is. It is changing one ingredient for another. It is manageable. It is the opposite of drastic. It is simple. The results…well they are larger. In this swap, its calories halved and vegetables eaten. It is lighter and easier to digest. Its an afternoon filled with energy rather than slumps. If anything its worth a shot. Simple changes start the ball rolling, and if this is about lifelong health and living in the greatest version of your body then this is a great place to start.

To make courgette pasta you need a julienne peeler. This looks like a cheese slice but has multiple holes. It pulls along the vegetable peeling off super thin strands. All you then need to do is place some homemade tomato sauce or fresh pesto into a large nonstick pan. Warm the sauce for a minute on a low heat and then pile in the courgette. Toss well and let cook for a few minutes until the green strands have softened and taken on a spaghetti like texture.

Plate, season and sprinkle with toasted seeds and sliced sun-dried tomatoes


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