Yoga – das Geschenk der Selbstheilung

Anastasia Shevchenko klärt jede Woche mit uns eine spannende Yoga-Frage!

"Yoga offers that magical gift of self-healing, which is a necessary prerequisite for self-transformation and meaningful engagement with the community. 

Even in the best of families and in safest environments, Life happens and things hurt us. As a result, we accumulate different physical and emotional traumas that need to be addressed, resolved and healed. 

Regular yoga practice provides a space for these issues and traumas to come up, to be faced, to be accepted, and therefore, to be resolved and healed as a result. A usual self-healing process follows this pattern. The necessary ingredient for this transformation process are 

  • self-awareness
  • self-honesty
  • courage
  • compassion and 
  • discipline."