Yoga und Wissenschaft – was Neurowissenschaft und Quantenphysik mit Yoga zu tun haben

Anastasia gibt uns interessante Einblicke in ihre Yogawelt... [unbezahlte Werbung, denn wir machen unten auf die von ihr organisierte Berlin Yoga Conference aufmerksam]

"My passion lies in finding creative connections between various sciences and disciplines with yoga and spirituality. To me, since yoga is ultimately about a certain way of being in the world, anything that is "in this world" can be connected to yoga. I especially love to find correlations between the yogic teachings and my two favorite sciences: neuroscience and the quantum mechanics. The neuroscience allows us to use the modern tools to study the brain and the nervous system, as a result, forming theories about out mind or consciousness. Yoga is a practice of the expansion of consciousness. Now, the quantum mechanics studies the manifestation (the physical reality) at the quantum level, and it confirms what the yogic science knew for centuries - our world is made of energy, energy is at the heart of matter, and the human mind, or the subjective observer, has a very direct influence on the manifestation."