Yoga und Ernährung – worauf Du achten solltest erklärt Anastasia

Anastasia Shevchenko klärt jede Woche mit uns eine spannende Yoga-Frage!

"When it comes to Yoga and Nutrition, the most important Questions to ask are: 

  • how much
  • what kind
  • and when. 

With a regular yoga practice, one develops an acute self-awareness that helps to make better dietary choices. 

What is important to remember is that every body is unique and there is no one-fit-all model of nutrition: what works great for one person can seriously damage the other. 

It is best not to have too much food before the yoga practice, but afterwards - followed by a big glass of water, a cooked and wholesome meal containing 

  • Carbs (for muscles)
  • Protein (for overall Good body function)
  • healthy Fats (from nuts and fruits) is important. 

What helps is to lead a type of Nutritional Diary and see what foods feel light and energy-giving (eat more of that) and which foods make one drowsy, heavy, and worse - bloated and in pain (eat less of that)."