Yoga für mehr Energie – wie Du trotz vollem Terminkalender motiviert bleibst

Anastasia Shevchenko klärt jede Woche mit uns eine spannende Yoga-Frage!

"To stay energized and motivated throughout the day, you need to find an optimal body-mind routine. In fact, a human being needs routine: it organizes the unpredictable and constantly changing world around us, and it helps to organize our time most efficiently. So depending on when you need to work and therefore eat, you need to incorporate a yoga practice either to begin your day, or to end it. If you do yoga in the morning, even 15 minutes - it gives you energy and motivation for your daily duties for the rest of the day. If you do yoga in the evening, do a good 30 minute practice - it will help you to calm down, de-stress, and relax."