Yoga als Weg der Veränderung – neue Wege finden mit Yoga

Anastasia gibt uns interessante Einblicke in ihre Yogawelt... [unbezahlte Werbung, denn wir machen unten auf die von ihr organisierte Berlin Yoga Conference aufmerksam]

"In my 15+ years on the yoga path, I came to realize that sequentially, this journey can be seen in the following order, although not in a linear, rigid kind of way, of course: you start doing yoga through your body - to become more fit and to heal yourself; you become more aware of the creative power that you possess - and you feel empowered by all the positive changes that the practice of yoga inspires in your life; all the transformations and the contact to your inner nature bring you to the core realization - you are a part of everything else and that your job is to help, uplift, and inspire positive change in the world."