Yoga als Business – worauf es ankommt

Anastasia gibt uns interessante Einblicke in ihre Yogawelt... [unbezahlte Werbung, denn wir machen unten auf die von ihr organisierte Berlin Yoga Conference aufmerksam]

"This is my new favorite topic! Through the Berlin Yoga Conference project, I embarked on this super fascinating and oftentimes challenging Odyssey, learning so much about the yoga industry, all the different players and stakeholders, various ways how you can apply your passion for yoga in all the different ways.

My advice is:

1. Find your niche and create a unique offer - something that has not been done before,

2. Communicate your offer in the social media (especially Instagram) and give the taste for your offer through special events,

3. Connect with people, collaborate, and partner up - these days you cannot do anything alone."