Was Yoga mit Kunst zu tun hat – eine spannende Betrachtung

Anastasia Shevchenko klärt jede Woche mit uns eine spannende Yoga-Frage!

"I have always intuitively felt an unmistakable connection between visual arts and yoga, a sacred link if you wish. Both engage human beings through the creation of a transcendental space in which time ceases to exist and a direct link to the superconscious is established. 

This space serves as a setting for both the process of creation, and the action of consuming visual arts, followed by the subsequent emotional and intellectual response. Yoga provides a person with tools to access these states of consciousness from which all art originates, and in which it can be truly grasped, even promising a continuous state in which such access becomes unlimited, allowing the benefit of true emancipation from the self-imposed constrictions of a human mind. 

You can read more on this topic from my blog."

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