Diese Benefits erwarten Dich bei einer regelmäßigen Yoga-Praxis

Anastasia Shevchenko klärt jede Woche mit uns eine spannende Yoga-Frage!

"One initially embarks on the yoga path almost exclusively due to the well-being benefits that yoga has to offer. One might have a specific health-related issue or a condition that requires extra care and attention to one’s physical being (injury, trauma, pregnancy), an emotional issue to overcome (fear, anxiety, stress, lack of sleep) or just wish to lead a healthier lifestyle becoming more fit, energized, and more productive as a result. 

No doubt yoga offers countless physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. 

There are: 

  • improved mobility in the joints and spine
  • stimulation of the organs which improves their function
  • better body circulation and detoxification
  • rejuvenation of the nervous and endocrine systems 
  • increased strength due to muscle build-up
  • increased flexibility due to regular stretching
  • increased self-awareness and understanding of one’s physical and dietary needs 
  • increased self-knowledge of one’s emotional and mental patterns, which brings about a possibility of change, overcoming addictions, inviting a gradual but sure process of self transformation."